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My name is Ryan Yi and I'm the campus minister for HBS CF. 


I wanted to personally thank you for a wonderful discussion. You spoke with authority, nuance, and winsomeness. You are the best speaker I have heard on this topic both in and outside the church. 


I invited many from my own personal network and HBS Alumni to come hear you speak and they were very blessed as well.


I am not sure what next steps might look like but I know we'd love to have you on campus or at another online event next year whether with other InterVarsity MBA fellowships or more of what we organized last week. 


As well, I will speak with Stephen, as he's also a HBS Senator (he's a big deal) and see if we could bring you to speak to the entire HBS community.


Thank you for your work, ministry, and love.




Johnson Controls

"We had great success teaming with Dr Anderson during my years at JCI and I have many examples of how the program improved our employees working relationships and also their interactions with our customers. Both of these had a positive impact on us as individuals and also as a Company."


Regards, E.R 

Vice President Comfort Systems USA

Erickson Living


"Choosing Greatness in Cultural Competency" Erickson Living   (19 Living communities for Seniors in 11 states)

From the moment you began to speak, the team was captivated. You took a topic that people usually expect will be uncomfortable or even confrontational and made it relevant and relatable for every single person in the room.

I have been attending these meetings for 8 years and I have never seen such engagement. After you left, dozens of my colleagues—including my VP, EVP,
and our director of sales education—sought me out and said things like:

“That was the best presentation we’ve ever seen—here or elsewhere!”

“I could have listened to Dr. Anderson for hours.”

“His stories are riveting. I will never forget that Columbus, Ohio example. NEVER.”

You were quoted for the rest of the day and left everyone wanting more. Most importantly, you laid an incredible foundation for us to continue the important work of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency.

Erickson Living 

"Once again you have inspired us to be more than just better leaders.  You have challenged us to be better human beings by extending grace and favor in all situations." 

K. W.
Sales, Marketing, and Communications Team 
January 2018



Words cannot explain how we feel about your contributions to the 2016 Exelon-Baltimore Diversity & Inclusion Week. Diversity is the “art of thinking independently together” – that is exactly what happened on November 17.  You shared your amazing principles on building bridges in

the workplace across a cultural and racial divide.  You presentation will truly help our employee treat each other with respect, love and kindness.

The buzz is there was a special energy and aura surrounding your headline presentation (we both know what it was, smile).  No exaggeration,

you’ve given the company a clear model of how to love, laugh and be kind to our fellow brother and sister -- even in the workplace.  Thanks for

proving that our mosaic of employees have something in common – each of us wants to work in an environment where we can fully contribute

-- your divine tips and obvious love for mankind will help us with this effort.

I’ve received a multitude of kudos both internally and externally saying your headline closing came at a perfect time, when the nation is reeling

from the presidential campaigns.  Your thoughts and humor traced with spirit will help employees open up and have the courage to share new

ideas, dialogues and understand the importance of Diversity & Inclusion within our company.  Again, thank YOU for your role and contributions

in making this journey possible.

VP & COO, Exelon Corp, BGE, Diversity Council Chair

World Vision


Thank you for your powerful and encouraging message of reconciliation, it was life changing.


Never in my past would I have described myself as being a champion of “diversity.” Perhaps that’s because as a white male I didn’t feel that I had a voice in such topics. But you quickly changed that. 


You and your staff created an inclusive environment that was safe for me to participate, and the teachings introduced in the “Gracism" workshop

 helped me to understand for the very first time why inclusion and reconciliation should matter to me. Thank you for putting me on this new path. 


God’s blessings on you, your team and your ministry. 


~Toby Beal Director of Web Development and Delivery. 

David,  I really enjoyed our time together and appreciate at a much deeper level your consulting ministry.  You bring such a great spirit to

conversations that can be very threatening and uncomfortable if approached in the wrong way.  I am confident that you have helped us off to a

great start on our journey here.

Richard Stearns World Vision

As the Command Chaplain for DISA/JFHQ-DODIN, I am responsible to provide quality resources to help ensure the health of our Department of Defense Team. In our efforts to ensure effective training, tools, encouragement and support we seek out individuals who are able to engage and address the challenges our people encounter. You connected and you delivered exactly what we needed.

I can only begin to express how powerfully you impacted our organization. Every day I have people stopping to talk with me after meetings, in the hallways, and even in the parking lot as I move in and out of the buildings, who want to express how powerfully your message impacted them. One individual even shared how most of his team was able to attend. He went on to reveal that throughout their day they discussed how much better their work space would be if they all worked on intentional engagement in conversation that would help them gain a better understanding of one another.

Yesterday he came to find me to celebrate what a dramatic change they had experienced on their team and how even the ones who had not attended were positively impacted. Every day they emphasize “conversation, understanding, connection and community” as a new part of their culture. He stated, “Everyone just seems to be happier at work and there is a greater sense of energy on our team”.

Another person stopped to eagerly tell me how much she appreciated the opportunity and went on to describe how their van pool talked for over an hour about the importance of being a peacemaker and being at peace with ourselves.

You were fully engaged with the needs of our organization and the delicate balance required to offer hope and challenge to such a diverse community. Many folks have already asked when we can have you come back to join us again. You and your team are welcome back at any time.

As for myself, you blessed me with your presence, your words, and your transparency. We share a passion for encouraging and equipping others to join us in the journey to be our best selves and to make a difference in our world. When Olga mentioned you as a possible guest speaker and began to describe your experience and your vision; I was confident that she was on track. Our morning together was even more powerful than I could have imagined.

On behalf of the DISA/JFHQ-DODIN community I Thank You!

My prayers remain with you as you continue to impact the culture of our community… across our world.

In Him,

CH (LTC) Steven Mark Jones

Command Chaplain


That was probably the best hour I have experienced in a long time.  We are so fortunate to have leaders like Dr. Anderson speak with us.  His messages will stick with us for a long time.


Thanks to you both for setting up such a fantastic hour of content.  We are all so blessed.

Neal W. Bonner

VP, Team Leader, Local Media Analytics 


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