to speak, act, or think negatively about someone else solely based on their color, class, or culture 



 unmerited favor on the human race that we don’t deserve, cannot earn, and cannot repay 



extending positive favor to other people regardless of, and sometimes because of, their color, class, or culture  


1.  I will lift you up

lifting up the humble among us by

assisting and elevating them toward success

2. I will cover you 

protecting the most vulnerable

among us from embarrassment and harm

3. I will share with you


opening up networks and resources to others who are systematically downtrodden, and refusing special treatment that may hurt them

4. I will honor you 

recognizing those who are the most humble heroes among us regardless of color, class, and culture

5. I will stand with you

committing to stand with the weak... the majority committing to stand up for, and with the minority

6. I will consider you 

having equal concern for our neighbors

regardless of color, class or culture by

considering their perspectives and needs

7. I will celebrate with you

rejoicing when the humble and

less fortunate among us are helped

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