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BridgeLeader Network (BLN) is a global diversity consulting firm whose mission is to assist, inspire and develop organizations to increase multicultural effectiveness.  BLN offers organizations, businesses, and large corporations solutions to the problem of racial differences and offers proactive strategies to help them live the values of reconciliation and multicultural effectiveness. 

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Executive Consulting & Coaching

  • Convening Conversation between Uncommon Groups

BridgeLeader Network has on going relationships with Fortune 100 companies, accredited universities, international, local and state governments, and many organizations that desire to have a thriving and diverse workplace.  


"Building Bridges amongst Muslims, Jews and Community" National Prayer Breakfast - Washington D.C.


"Fees Must Fall" Cape Town, South Africa


"Building Bridges of Cultural Divide and Inclusion in the Workplace" Erickson Living - Metro D.C.


"Addressing, Race, Religion & Relationships" Beirut, Lebanon


"Comprehension begins with Conversation" Kent State University - Kent, Ohio


"Building Bridges of Diversity in the Work Place" Exelon - Baltimore, MD

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